Time Management for Creative People

By Donald Roos

Work Don’t Shop


The workshop revolves around your creative process: how to make it more effective by making choices, how to make those choices (fast and good) and how to manage your time and ideas better. Donald’s motto is ‘Visualize your ideas, then we can talk about it’ and in the workshop, he will bring that into practice.

Main focus: How to create something without adding stuff, but use what is already there. Work, Don’t Shop!

You’ll sketch, talk and work according to the To Don’tList method. You will work alone, in pairs and in small teams. The duration of the workshop can be anything from 30 minutes to 3 weeks. Bring your pencils and a bunch of sketch paper (or just steal paper from the copy machine).

For whom?

The workshop can be tailored to different groups, from corporate organizations to art students. For instance, art students could learn to organize the way of they work and executives could get a much-needed creative impulse while viewing their own methods from a different perspective.


In the interest of saving everyone time: please don’t send an invitation for budgets under €1500, - (excluding travel expenses). Donald is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He is happy to visit you all around the globe, but if his stay exceeds 4 days, he’ll probably ask for a ticket for his wife and 1-year-old son.

Interested in a workshop? Send Donald a 5 sentence email.

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The ToDon’tCo. is a project by Bureaudonald, buro van Ons, A Certain Miss Brown, and Frank van der Peet, inspired and supported by Anne de Bruijn, Peter Heykamp, Benz Roos, Robert-Jan Korteschiel, Niels van der Donk, Jan Harm Lieftinck, Guus de Graaf, Petr van Blokland, Barbara Bigosińska, Pieter van Rosmalen en Paul van der Laan, Malou Osendarp, Chris Jeager, Martien Bos, Dennis Kleyn, and Gerrit Heijkoop.