Time Management for Creative People

By Donald Roos


Do you need a simple, but effective to-do list app? The ToDon’tList helps you make choices about what you will do, but more importantly, also about what you won’t do. That way, you get to focus on what truly matters.

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The ToDon’tCo. is a project by Bureaudonald, buro van Ons, A Certain Miss Brown, and Frank van der Peet, inspired and supported by Anne de Bruijn, Peter Heykamp, Benz Roos, Robert-Jan Korteschiel, Niels van der Donk, Jan Harm Lieftinck, Guus de Graaf, Petr van Blokland, Barbara Bigosińska, Pieter van Rosmalen en Paul van der Laan, Malou Osendarp, Chris Jeager, Martien Bos, Dennis Kleyn, and Gerrit Heijkoop.